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Goodwill to All Christmas Card

"Goodwill to All" 2006

Marcel R. Dion or 'Mars', has been doing calligraphy, and specifically Celtic styled illumination for over 15 years. The creative process for Mars involves exhaustive research within the texts he is illuminating, as well as on the art style as seen in the gospels of the dark ages, i.e. the Book of Kells. The image above is the 2006 Christmas Card titled 'Goodwill to All'.
Lay of Amergin Detail 3

Detail from "The Lay of Amergin"
To the left is a detail from the piece 'Lay of Mergin', which illuminates a quote by Thoreau. The full piece can be see on the print art page.
The use of traditional Celtic design elements in Marcel's work required many years of study and practice! The 'zoomorphs' pictured at left are a typical example of the illuminated art style from the dark ages that gave birth to the Book of Kells - one of the most famous examples of illuminated art still in existance.
A Detail from Arthur

Detail from "Arthur 2" 2001
Another interest of Marcel's has been in Arthurian legend. After reading Geoffrey of Monmouth, Mallory and Tennyson - he found he was most interested in the early origins of the story and the likely sources for original plot. The subject still interests Mars and has spawned 3 of his larger art works: Arthur 1, Arthur 2 (detail shown above) and Excalibur. And there are still another one or two on the drawing board!

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